UK & US University Applications Admissions Consulting

Planning for university is an exciting and stressful time for both student and parent, even more so when applying to an educational institution in a different culture with its own unique criteria for evaluating applicants. This is a journey into new territory as the student is still maturing while, at the same time, making decisions that will serve as the starting point to their future. We use our experience with different education systems such as A levels, Pre U, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Leaving Certificate and Abitur, to determine a path that will build on the academic strengths of the student and that highlights their individual interests and qualities.

 As American universities, in particular, look at more than academic performance, we will make recommendations on choices for summer programs, internships, and work experience, as well as provide guidance on standardised testing.  At its best, applying to an American university provides the opportunity for the student to reflect on who they are as they learn how to communicate with clarity and depth; however, it is also requires organisation, responsibility, and sheer determination.  At Prepare For University, we offer one-to-one expertise, as well as a number of additional resources, for this sensitive and labour intensive commitment.

UK and European universities assess applicants primarily on their academic credentials and, in general, expect students to follow a particular course of study. This makes it more important for the student to make the right academic choices and presents its own set of challenges. Using our knowledge of the key differences between universities and academic programs, we work with the student to research courses, complete UCAS and develop a powerful Personal Statement, as well as prepare for university aptitude tests. 

There is a growing number of European universities offering degrees delivered in English across all academic disciplines, including business, medicine, and law. Without a centralised system of application or deadlines, we ensure students are aware of the many interesting options available and guide them through the vagaries of the wide-ranging, and often confusing, admissions procedures.

We work closely with our students throughout the months of preparation so that they are able to press the send button with confidence and pride. Our commitment is to an outcome that sees the student remain in control and motivated, keeps parents informed, and that delivers the varying requirements and deadlines of each university --- with as much fun and the least stress possible!


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